The frog is a frequently used motif as "Guanajuato" comes from the local Indian dialect meaning "Place of the Frogs."


First room, top of the stairs, Las Ranas "jumps" out Rana's Interior 1with its spacious layout and bright cheerfulness.



Rana's Interior 2Its elegant design mixes traditional Mexican architecture with modern convenience to create a delightful ambiance.


Rana's Interior 3Sit by the balcony and quietly read or listen to the music of Guanajuato faintly floating in through the open glass door from the town below and know the tranquility that rests both mind and body.



Rana's Interior 4

The handcrafted queen-size bed is firm in mattress yet soft in pillow, promising pleasant sleep and peaceful dreams.


Rana's Bathroom 1Handmade bathroom tiles subtly compliment the carved wood designs of frogs and lily-pads enhancing the doors, cabinets, rafters, and columns throughout the suite.



Rana's Bathroom 2The shower(unseen to the right in this picture) is separate from the Jacuzzi.


Rana's Bathroom 3With the stained-glass peacock behind, the Jacuzzi rests within a tranquil grotto while by day blue sky and sunlight and by night the stars and moon are seen overhead, suspended above the skylight.



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“Casual elegance in a comfortable friendly atmosphere