Well Worth the Climb

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Front Door

Casa Dionisio embraces you, its vitrales doors wide and waiting to greet as you catch your breath from the short but steep trek through the picturesque callejons and alleys reminiscent of Majorica or of the Greek isles.Lobby


FireplaceThe spacious lobby, music room, and living room also serve as a recital hall seating up to 50 persons for intimate chamber music.



Music RoomWhen completed, the third floor penthouse will seat up to 75 and be available for private recitals and concerts.




Rest for a moment before ascending the two short flights of stairs to your room on the second floor.
Livingroom and Lobby from HarpsichordWhat? More stairs?

To the Second Floor




Peacock Stainglass on Stairway





Second Floor Hallway, Alcatras to right, Sun and Moon adhead





Let your hands and fingers measure and trace the texture of the hand carved wooden figurines on the doors to the suites, a separate theme etched on each ---The Ranas, The Alcatras, and The Sol y Luna.


Patio from Sun and MoonYour balcony looks down on the peaceful terrace of the main patio with its chatty fountain and the austere cactus garden.


Roof Terrace East

Later ascend to the roof terrace overlooking the center of Old Guanajuato. Hear the mix of music, the omnipresent bells of the myriad churches and the cathedral, and sometimes the distant murmur of people strolling through the town during the festivals, the market days, and on weekends.


Roof Terrace NorthCatch the delightful blend of perfume bearing flowers with maybe a hint of fresh baked bread or tortillas.

Bask in the morning or afternoon sun...


or watch the town slowly light up with the gradual sunset...
Dusk Panorama
to become...




Twilight Panoramaa fairyland...



Nightime Panoramaby night.



Casa Dionisio on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com