Here are several maps to help you get a clear picture of where we are located. The maps are presented in increasing zoom levels from top to bottom and clicking on the thumbnail images will open a larger map in a new window.

Map of MexicoFirst let's locate the State of Guanajuato right in the heart of Mexico, shown here in green on the map.

Map of MexicoNow let's look at a map with a little more detail that will give you some idea of the various surrounding cities and the connections between them and put Guanajuato in context with the rest of the country.

Map of Guanajuato,  MexicoHere we are in much more detail where we are zoomed into the State of Guanajuato and see the actual area where Casa Dionisio is located. The nearby town of Leon is an important travel connection for visitors

Map of directions to Casa DionisioThe original home of renowned painter Juventino Rosas has been completely renovated to the highest standards of international accomodation and boasts interior and exterior design true to the spirit and culture of Mexico.