Casa Dionisio Staff and Reservations

Administrator & innkeeper

Adriana Alonso Oliveras, Innkeeper

Adriana Alonso Olivares is your best friend away from home. If pre-arranged, she will meet you at the airport. She will make sure there is a porter to help you up the hill if your luggage is too heavy. She will arrange tours, find tickets, and make reservations for you.

Adriana is an accomplished musician as well, specializing in Baroque flute and recorder. She was Guest Artist at the Gaston LaFourcade inaugural concert for the DeGraff harpsichord in 2007.

Let Senora Alonso help you in any way to make your stay as fruitful and pleasant as possible.


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Callejón Salto del Mono 1-Altos,

Col. Centro,

Guanajuato, Gto.